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Postpartum, Toddler (1-3 years), Preschooler (4-5 years)

3 Tips for Travelling with Toddlers

Written by: Biostime Nutrition

The world holds so much wonder when seen through the eyes of a child. Travelling with your little one is a rare and powerful experience to be enjoyed and treasured by the entire family. Yet planning such a trip is often daunting, the logistics around taking a toddler travelling enough to deter even the most seasoned parents. Enjoy every moment with these simple tips!

Travel with your toddler and enjoy every moment with these simple, easy to follow tips:

1.  Plan to be late


It’s hard enough to make a thirty-minute connection or consulate opening time, let alone when you have a dawdling toddler by your side who needs their nappy changed or a shoe tied at the most inappropriate moment. Giving yourself plenty of time when travelling with toddlers will minimise stress and maximise your experience. Stopovers between long haul flights are a great way to avoid delay and allow your little one to adjust to the time difference. A stopover also gives you or your partner time to get some sleep and stay refreshed for the next leg.


Once you’ve begun your trip, getting up early shouldn’t be a problem with your very own travelling alarm clock, so why not use your little ones early wake up as an excuse to get exploring? Giving yourself plenty of time to navigate local transport systems and multiple toilet stops on the way is definitely worth the early morning start.

2.  Run before you fly


As we all know very, very well, there’s nothing our little ones struggle with more than sitting still for an extended period. Getting them to work off as much energy as possible before a flight is an absolute must. With so many corridors, obstacles and shops for them to explore, terminals are the perfect playground to tire toddlers out. Keep them occupied and playing right up until boarding and then board last to avoid waiting in line or extended cabin checks. Booking an overnight flight when travelling with toddlers will also help them stick to their regular sleeping routine and most likely make the trip much more relaxing for them, you and the entire cabin.

3.  Turn it into a game


When travelling with toddlers, games are great for not only keeping your little one entertained but helping them deal with the realities of international travel. Role-playing before a flight can prepare them for this new and exciting experience. A simple pilot-passenger game might even have them reminding you to stay calm and be patient when waiting to board the plane. A yawning competition can also counter ear discomfort upon landing, helping them to deal with this new and uncomfortable experience.



With the right tools in your toolkit, travelling with toddlers is totally doable and most importantly, enjoyable. 



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Biostime Nutrition - Author

Postpartum, Toddler (1-3 years), Preschooler (4-5 years)