Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

A.Breast milk truly is the best choice for providing your child with all the essential nutrients, hydration and protective factors your child needs to grow and thrive. It also has benefits for mum, including convenience, strengthening the bond with baby and potentially helping with post-partum weight loss.

Q.How should my baby and I transition from the formula we currently use to Biostime SN-2 BIO PLUS Organic?

A.We want to see our next generation empowered. To give your baby the smoothest transition from their current formula to Biostime SN-2 BIO PLUS™ range, it is best to introduce our formula gradually. This is to ensure your baby’s tiny tummy tolerates the change, and that they have a chance to get used to the smooth, creamy taste. For more information, we recommend consulting a qualified healthcare professional such as your GP or dietitian.

Q.Where can I buy Biostime SN-2 BIO PLUS Organic?

A.Biostime’s SN-2 BIO PLUS™ range is available at Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Discount Pharmacy and Pharmacy 4 Less.

Q.Why don’t you use palm oil?

A.Instead of palm oil, we use world-renowned organic Isigny Sainte-Mere Cream from Normandy, France as well as organic sunflower, organic coconut and organic rapeseed oils to achieve the right composition of fats, without the environmental impact associated with palm oil.

Q.Is the protein in your formula hydrolysed?

A.Specialised formulas containing hydrolysed or ‘broken down’ proteins may help infants with diagnosed allergies. The protein in our formula is not fully hydrolysed and therefore is not appropriate for infants with allergies or inborn errors of metabolism.

Q.Is your baby milk formula product organic?

A.Yes! We want to give your little one a pure start to life which is why Biostime SN-2 BIO PLUS™ range is proudly certified organic in both Australia and France. This means all ingredients are sourced without the use of pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics.

Q.Is your baby milk formula product lactose-free?

A.The major carbohydrate found in most infant milk formulas is lactose, or the sugar naturally found in milk. Our milk formula products contains organic milk and lactose, therefore is it not lactose-free. For more information, please refer to the nutrition information panel and ingredient list on the back of your tin or visit our product information page.

Q.Is the product suitable for my child with allergies?

A.Children with allergies require specialised formula depending on their specific requirements. Biostime SN-2 BIO PLUS™ range currently do not offer a specialist range for infants with allergies. If you have any questions or need specific information, please contact our helpful Consumer Care Team on 1800 794 773 (FREE CALL). We always recommend reading the label prior to use. For more information, we recommend speaking to a qualified healthcare professional such as a GP or a dietitian.

Q.As parents, we have allergies to some ingredients. How will we know if specific Biostime products will be suitable for our baby?

A.Biostime follows the requirements of Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ). In every tin of Biostime SN-2 BIO PLUS™ there is allergy warning that the product may contains allergen like milk, fish and soybean. We advise parents to consult a qualified healthcare professional to discuss your particular allergies and the options best suited for your little one.

Q.Is it normal that my baby has constipation when switching to Biostime product?

A.A baby’s tummy can be sensitive to changes in their environment and diet. There may be a reaction that indicate your baby is not tolerating the sudden change in their diet. When introducing a new formula, you can help your little one adapt by doing so gradually. This will give their digestive system time to process and get used to the new formulation. For more information specific to your child, we recommend speaking to a qualified healthcare professional such as a GP or a dietitian.

Q.When I mix the powder, I notice that it doesn’t mix well and a bit clumpy, what should I do?

A.Sometimes lumpy formula can happen, and this is normal. To help avoid it, place the water in the bottle first, then add a scoop of the formula and shake the bottle until it’s well incorporated. After that add another scoop of formula and shake the bottle, repeating this method until the last scoop. By shaking and mixing after each scoop, there is less formula to combine which makes it easier to rid the ingredients of any lumps.

Q.Why are we not allowed to use hot water to dilute Biostime SN-2 BIO PLUS™ products?

A.Biostime products contains probiotic: B infants M 63. To avoid killing the good bacteria, please use cooled boiled water, 40º C or less in temperature.

Q.Is it alright if I give my baby more or less scoop of formula than indicated on the tin?

A.The feeding guide on the back of the Biostime tin should be used as the main instruction. However, appetites can vary among children and each child's nutritional needs may change from time to time. We advise you to check with your qualified healthcare professional such as a GP or a dietitian if you are unsure about your child's requirements.