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Pioneering the Next Generation

Welcome To The Next Generation Of Parenting

The world’s changing, and so is our experience of parenting. Today, more than ever, we understand that our actions can have a big impact on the next generation. This makes life as a parent rich and rewarding, but it can also be filled with uncertainties and the unknown.

As a global leader in paediatric nutrition, Biostime Toddler brought together parents to share, connect, celebrate and learn more about the triumphs and tensions of parenting the Next Generation.


While each of their stories are unique and different, there’s something all parents understand instinctively from the start: to protect and nurture our little ones selflessly, to give them the best possible start in life.

Melanie Liu, lifestyle influencer at The Tia Fox

“I feel like nothing can ever prepare you for parenthood. The first few months was definitely the most challenging! But my biggest takeaway is that I should trust my intuition, because I spend the most time with her and I know her the best.”

Georgie Abay, founder of The Grace Tales

“I had my dream job, and then my daughter arrived, and it changed everything. My priorities shifted, and I changed my career in a completely different direction: I started The Grace Tales. I like to remind [people] that they can do both; they can be a mother and chase their dreams… the path is just different to what you expected!”

Joshua Ancrum, teacher and stay-at-home dad

“As the primary caregiver, the biggest part of that is being a role model. She’s my daughter, and I’m pretty proud to say I’m a stay-at-home dad. I’m loving it and enjoying every minute!”

Elle Halliwell, author and fashion writer

“We really have the choice to mother and parent how we want to. We have access to so much information! On one hand, it’s amazing but on the other hand it can be overwhelming. I think that one thing that we have to do as a generation, is figure out exactly what’s best for our child. A lot of that comes from intuition.”

Kendal Lee Schuler, model

“I feel like [my son] and I [are growing] much closer… I’m learning all these things about him, his behaviour and foods he should and shouldn’t eat. I think that will give us the tools to grow our relationship stronger too.”

Biostime Toddler is here to support you throughout this wonderful journey, knowing that although we learn more each step of the way, there’s no one-size-fits-all guidebook or manual when it comes to parenting. But we’re all in this together… so relax, you’ve got this!

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