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Become More Mindful | Motherhood with Kate Kendall

Kate Kendall has inspired thousands of Australians to find their flow and become more mindful and centered through meditation and yoga.

The Sydney yogi, entrepreneur and author welcomed her first child, a daughter named Alice into the world in September 2018 and says her daughter has taught her more about vulnerability, strength and love than she ever thought possible. “My journey into motherhood has been everything,” the Bronte-based mum concedes. “I’ve experienced every emotion under the sun and been tested in every way possible; my capacity to love more, my patience, my vulnerability, my ability to look at myself honestly.”

"I've felt more tender moments than I ever thought possible. Motherhood is colourful indeed."

The Life in Flow author says approaching child-raising with curiosity and an open mind has been her approach so far, and says she feels as though the roles of teacher and student have been reversed. “I’m still working it out and half the time I feel like she’s teaching and schooling me,” she muses.

Kendall, who co-founded Paddington yoga and fitness studio Flow Athletic in 2013, says despite having pushed her body to the limits through her yoga practice, childbirth gave her a renewed insight into the incredible strength and capabilities of the female form.

“I’m still amazed at how capable our bodies are of holding life, giving birth and recovering hormonally, mentally and physically from such an incredible series of events,” she says.

Kendall adds it’s taken time to find what meditation and yoga practice works for her since becoming a mum, but now that Alice is older she’s finding it easier to incorporate the practice into her busy day-to-day life.

“Movement is a non-negotiable for me as is meditation as a way to reset,” she explains. “I don’t know how people cope without the two, but I guess everyone has their own form of mindfulness. Sometimes I find ten minutes and other times I’ll manage an hour. I take what I can.”

But for the mindfulness expert, watching 16-month-old Alice discovering new things through play and exploration is one of her favourite forms of meditation.

“Some days I feel like I could watch her play all day, noticing the way she discovers things for the first time and how she works things out… and then guilt kicks in that I’m not cleaning the house or doing some of my work. And then I do those things and feel guilty for not being with her. Ha! You all know what I mean,” she says with a laugh.

Kendall says one of the best pieces of parenting advice she’s received was to trust her intuition, and it’s something she hopes every mum remembers to do considering the often-overwhelming amount of advice modern parents are exposed to today.

“Listen mostly to your own intuition, and a little bit of advice from other people who you trust,” she says.

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