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3 Healthy Holiday Habits


The holidays are a great opportunity to hero healthy habits that your little ones can carry with them throughout the rest of the year.



1. Healthy Treasure Hunts

This Easter, fill the kids with lasting memories and spoil them with healthy habits. Decorated eggs are a great way to add some creative flair to their Easter egg basket. They’re not only fun to paint and create, but the eggshells can later be used to fertilise the garden – just make sure to buy all-natural dyes and paints. This zero waste alternative is a sustainable Easter tradition that also encourages creativity – not only in the kids, but the entire family. So get everyone together the weekend before and minimise waste, while you maximise creativity.

Or why not hunt for a healthy meal? The kids can not only fill their basket with delicious chocolate for dessert, but dinner ingredients as well! If you or a family member have a garden with a veggie patch or fruit tree, why not make your Easter hunt also about collecting ingredients for a healthy Easter meal?


2. Healthy Cooking Class

Beyond hunting for healthy ingredients, why not get your little ones involved in preparing them? Cooking is not just a fun holiday activity that you can enjoy together, but a great way to encourage healthy habits. Studies have shown that children with basic cooking skills actually have better nutrition as adults. So get them in the kitchen when they’re young, associating yum with health from an early age. There are many delicious, healthy recipes readily available online like Smartbite’s recipe’s brought to your by mother and dietician Karina Savage. Yummy pictures are also a great way to get them excited about this task and most importantly, the finished product.


3. Healthy Boredom

A jam-packed holiday schedule will help keep everyone occupied but can sometimes defeat the purpose of a holiday, with very little time left to stop and actually relax. It can also become a full-time job on your time off to manage and execute these activities. An option could be to leave the kids to plan their own day or even experiences. A bit of boredom can even stimulate creativity as when they are left to their own resources they are encourage to problem solve in order to keep themselves entertained.


These holidays come together and connect as a family creating healthy habits that can be continued throughout the year, as well as lasting memories that your little ones will carry with them for every holiday after.


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