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Biostime SN-2 BIO PLUS™ Premium Organic Toddler Milk Drink contains milk and cream sourced from our own organic farms, located in the heart of Normandy, France. For centuries, the region’s dairy farmers have produced superior dairy products using sustainable farming practices and ancestral know-how, earning a well-established reputation for excellence.


Among Isigny Sainte-Mere’s dedicated farmers is Pierre, whose family has managed the “Grand Clos” farm for over four generations. Pierre’s grandfather bought part of the house and the land, which is spread over 120 hectares of natural pastures on an estuary near the sea of Baie des Veys.



"The Isigny region is one of the most unique ecosystems in the world."


The grass on the farms grow from clay soil, supported by a mild and humid oceanic climate, a balance of salt water and fresh water, and an abundance of rain for more than 200 days each year, resulting in milk rich in mineral salts and trace elements. On this grass, the Normandie dairy cows roam and graze freely, which in turn produces a rich, creamy and nutritious organic milk.


“Historically, because the sea used to cover all of this land, it left some trace minerals which makes the quality of the grass that grows quite exceptional, really diverse and more superior than normal. Our farm is filled with natural meadows and there is no ploughing.”


Pierre’s farming experience began when he was just a child; where horse traction and hand milking were his daily routine. Today, while agricultural mechanisation and modernisation have improved his technique, Pierre’s farming philosophy remains the same: to respect and maintain the balance between the soil, plants, animals and people.



“[The work] evolves perpetually but the fundamentals such as the soil, the natural meadows and the Normandy cows have not changed.”


As part of the Isigny Sainte-Mere cooperative, Pierre practices completely sustainable farming methods. His farm uses no pesticides, no chemicals and no fertilisers. Right from its source, each product is made with respect for the environment, the way nature intended.


"For me, organic farming is to come as close as possible to the natural cycle."


The Grand Clos farm is certified in Agrobiology, which focuses on working with natural cycles to maintain a healthy balance and improve yield, without external intervention. They do not add any treatment or synthetic products to the land or the animals.



“On this grass and with the climate we have here, it enables us to be very specific and to be very distinctive. It is rich in minerals, trace elements and also differentiate from a taste point of view. Because even on the farm, the milk [which is produced] during May is different from the milk in August, and different from the milk in November. The great diversity of flora and fauna can make a huge difference.”


“The cows allow us to produce milk all year round in a natural way without any additives, without fertilizer, without any synthetic products, without GMO, without antibiotics. All this supports the wellbeing of the consumers.”


"I believe it is important to produce quality milk for toddlers because it is such a crucial step in their growth. It gives them a good start in life."


With such an outstanding heritage, product and environment, it is no surprise that farmers like Pierre are proud to be part of the Isigny Sainte-Mere co-operative. He gets great satisfaction from working the land, but also from helping produce good quality milk made to support the healthy growth and development of the next generation.


“I have always dreamt to be a farmer and to work on this beautiful estate, breeding cows because it is fascinating, and to be able to make a living from it, it’s marvellous. And of course, to produce good milk to feed babies who need it, who are delicate and who need to grow to be the men and women of tomorrow in a very healthy, very cultivated and very content way. It is very rewarding.”


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