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Pioneering the Next Generation

Celebrating Father’s Day

To help celebrate all of the amazing father figures within the Biostime Toddler community, we asked two of our resident dads to share with us some of their experiences of being a parent.


What is your favourite part of being a father?
Evan: Seeing these little people grow and develop every day, they all have their own personalities.

Josh: Snuggles first thing in the morning. That interaction is priceless and brings me such joy.


What have you found to be most rewarding part about being a parent?
Evan: Having a greater purpose in life, as soon as you become a parent everything becomes about your children.

Josh: Seeing them grow into a little human and knowing that you’ve played such a pivotal role in shaping their lives.


What’s the one thing no one tells you about becoming a parent?
Evan: How enjoyable it is to be a parent! Every moment, even the smallest of moments, spent with your children is great fun.

Josh: The moments you spend with your partner smiling at each other after seeing your child do even the smallest things.


What’s one piece of advice would you give other parents?
Evan: For fathers particularly, get involved early and have some special activities you do with your children. Little things like reading bedtime story each evening is a great moment both you and your children can look forward to each day.

Josh: Make sure you do some reading (online or books) if something isn’t quite working out as you had planned. Put in the effort, you’ll be rewarded in spades. Your relationship has to be based around teamwork. Any chance you get, give your partner a break no matter how small it may be.


What do you hope for your child in their future?
Evan: Like all parents, I am extremely optimistic for my children’s future. I want them to healthy, happy with many incredible life experiences.

Josh: I hope for my child to have a well-balanced lifestyle that gives her the chance to succeed in life. Improvements is so many areas should give all children the opportunity to reach their full potential.


How are you helping to set your child up for the future?
Evan: Constantly introducing them to new things. A great example of this is in the kitchen, I love to cook with my children, so we are regularly buying new ingredients and cooking new recipes together.

Josh: Providing structure and setting boundaries is a key component. Setting up different activities around the house on a daily basis will make sure she is engaged for the entire day.


What are some things that you are doing to help get your little one ready for Kinder/School?
Evan: Familiarising my son with activities that require more focused attention, like reading, painting and memory games.

Josh: We create different stations around the house to include activities such as the 1000 book challenge for reading (library books), music/dance classes, imaginary play, outside play at the park, art & craft stations.


What is your favourite way to play and engage with your toddlers?
Evan: Sensory activities, I love the look on my daughter’s face when she touches something new and interesting.

Josh: Getting on their level for dress ups, tea parties or dancing together with her teddies in the lounge is always a blast. I do love it.


Finally, what are some tips or tricks that have been a game changer for you? This can be regarding nap times, teething, fussy eating, anything!
Josh: Develop a routine. The quicker you do this the easier life will be. As a stay home daddy, buy a trendy daddy bag that has everything in it when you leave the house. That way you’ll never be caught out without nappies, wipes, a spare change of clothes, beanie, food and toys.


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